Why do people immigrate?

A quick refresh on highschool physics: things with weight fall towards the direction of gravity. Alright moving on.

For many people, their “weight of the world” lie in things like ancestry, bloodlines, traditions, blood and soil, etc. For those folks the decision of where to live is a simple one. Since things like ancestry and traditions happen to also be present at the same location where they were born, they simply need to continue living in that same spot!

It’s a great arrangement that saves time and energy for everyone.

However, there’s always been nomads. Sea farers. People who ride horses and settle periodically across great plains. People who pack up their tribes and sail for a new island every few years.

For those nomads (i.e. chronical immigrants), their “weight of the world” seems to be something less geographically static. They simply keep being pulled by their gravity towards new lands while exerting great efforts, to the amazement and astonishment of folks who have already found their own land. “Why all that effort,” they would think. “Kinda suspect,” they would probably worry. “Will they come to my land and drink my water and eat my food,” they would probabily consider. “Weirdos,” they would definitely think.

Territorial concerns aside, why do people immigrate anyway? Why are some people nomads? What is the common pattern in their “weight of the world” that results in their movement?

I don’t know what the common pattern is, but I know what my “weight of the world” is: diversity. I have always been the abnormal kid. I feel like I can only fully breathe in places where there is tolerance.

Lack of diversity is an imperfection many countries have, but not the U.S. (at least in most states…). And that’s why I immigrate here!

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