Moving to the city to become a terrorist?

Tunisia has a problem. blog.jpg

As the place where Carthage once existed, the North African country is rapidly urbanizing. That is, folks are moving from the country side to the cities ever since 2010. Roughly 2/3 of the country are already urban.

As a result, the crowded infrastructure of Tunisia’s cities now have to deal with more and more challenges from drought and environmental degradation to rural dislocation and foreign migration (The Arab Spring & Climate Change, 2013:35,36). The temperature is getting hotter; the population is getting more crowded. 

And it has been turning bad: unemployment is at 15% in 2018. What does this mean? A report on terrorism sums it up: “the high number of Tunisian recruits has been attributed to factors including financial desperation, poor economic and social conditions and a sense of belonging” (GTI report, 2017:35). This means that a substantial amount of ISIL terrorists are basically young and poor Tunisians who had found it impossible to make a living in their country. In fact, Tunisia is a country where the number of job seekers was 10 times higher than the amount of available jobs in 2015, all the while contributing the most number of recruits for ISIL so far (ibid:65, 67).

Where are jobs located? The cities. What happens when the jobless hear about job offers from local terrorists? They take it.

That’s the problem.



The Arab Spring & Climate Change. 2013. Retrieved from


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