Floating Green Cities (pt1 )


In Indonesia some bridges are built by guiding tree roots across. Although this may take decades of dedicated work, the result speaks for itself: a marvelous piece of infrastructure that is both organic and living. Considering how those root bridges would continue to live and grow (sturdier and sturdier) for decades if not centuries, they can indeed be a viable new option for future cities. With around 40% of CO2 emission and 40% of landfill waste produced by traditional constructions, it’s obvious that using trees instead of concreate for future buildings would be “greener.”


Currently there are already exciting work being done on this prospect. Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig is one of the pioneers on this subject, calling his work “Baubotanik.” Inspired by the Indonesian tree bridges this researcher reinvented his architecture to become half-a-botanist. By rediscovering the old knowledges like tree grafting and the such in the modern context, works like Ludwig’s can mean a future where bigger and bigger scale of construction projects can use trees. That is, your relative who did Bonsai may soon be the historical equivalent of folks who build gigantic “green” buildings!

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